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Shipping containers

Kar-Tainer Benefits

Kar-Tainer International provides a solution for the transportation of both CBU (Completely Built Up) vehicles, and SKD (Semi Knocked Down) vehicle bodies, with similar patented technology, and therefore common cassette based systems.

Kar-Tainer is the global leader in the containerised transportation of motor vehicles. Damage ratios that run at the unheard of level of 0.025% are a proven fact. 3, 4, and even 5 cars can be securely packed into a 40ft high cube container - but most importantly the vehicles are not driven into the container, a container can be loaded in 5 minutes with nothing attached to it, no chains for leveraging vehicles, and no personnel inside the container during the loading process.

Compare such damage ratios of RORO, approximately 3-5%, and competitive container packing in excess of this, Kar-Tainer is the safest most secure containerised transportation provider in the market today. It is also the only provider that can accommodate the high volume moves, and therefore has become a very real alternative to the RORO and PCC forms of transportation.


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Reduced Cost

  • Increase load factor of every container shipped

  • Reusable equipment

  • No upfront investment

  • Enables optimized logistics to suit any given supply chain

Minimal Damage Ratio

  • Proven damage rates of only 0.025%

  • No additional handling

  • Cassettes designed to protect vehicle throughout all stages of loading and transport

Improved Logistics

  • Vehicle prestaging

  • External loading

  • No wait time for container to arrive

  • Loading on chassis or ground

  • Quick loading time

Product Flexibility

  • Usable across a wide range of vehicle models

  • Low maintenance requirement

  • Equipment lifespan of 15-20 years

  • Return ratio of 1:13

Ease of Use

  • Easily assembled and disassembled

  • Cars are lifted into container

  • Few loose pieces

  • No adjustments

  • Cassettes automatically lock in place in container

Supply Chain Partner

  • Following your project from start to end

  • Professional training at both origin and destination

  • Included quality audits on your behalf 

Superior Safety
& Security

  • No personnell ever enter the container

  • Workers never move under elevated vehicles

  • Highly ergonomic in use

  • No margin for human error through simple and rigid 


  • We've seen it all

  • 30 years in the game of containerization

  • On standby with advice

  • Covering the world

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