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Three cars loaded on CBU 3-car system

Kar-Tainer 3-Car CBU Cassette System

Excellent for shipping bigger vehicles like SUV’s, MPV’s, Estates or bigger Sedans. Our 3-car CBU system is an external loaded, cassette based system, designed to meet OEM demanded quality provided by exterior vehicle loading. In addition to increased vehicle safety, decreased loading time and improved quality, the vehicles can be pre-loaded on cassettes before being loaded in container upon availability. Container loading and unloading can be done with container grounded, on a chassis, or at a loading dock.

A 3-Car CBU set consists of 3 unique cassettes, one for each car loaded. The two end-cassettes consist of a base-unit, two short and two long upright support bars, two cross-over bars and two rampways where the vehicles are driven onto. The central-cassette is only one piece. The system is easy to construct, user friendly, and requires a minimum of maintenance. 

When loaded in container, the three base units interlink, filling out the entire floor of the container which ensure the integrity of the system, keeping it in place without having to do any drilling or fastening work inside the container. Cars loaded on Kar-Tainer cassettes will always stay inside the perimeter of each cassette which further ensures vehicle safety. Should accident first occur, the cassette will take the blow, not the vehicle.

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3 vehicles loaded in every 40 foot HQ container

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Actual container loading in less than 5 minutes; KTI benchmark: 6 containers loaded in 15 minutes

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SUV's, MPV's, Estates or bigger Sedans

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39 empty cassettes can be loaded in one 40HQ container; 13 containers loaded with 3 cars each, 1 container going back with empty equipment


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