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Transport systems

Transport Systems 
The All Cassette Systems

We offer a one of a kind cassette system which enables external loading of vehicles to the full extent. Cassettes can be loaded or unloaded when the container is grounded, on a chassis, or at a loading dock. Turn-around time for actual container loading is less than 5 minutes, with containers remaining on the chassis. Systems are in no way dedicated to the container, which frees up containers for onward use. For every 10 to 15 loaded containers shipped, 1 container is returned with empty equipment. All cassette systems feature very few loose components, are easy to construct, user friendly, and require minimal maintenance. Kar-Tainer offer solutions for loading 2-4 CBU (Completely Built Up) or SKD (Semi Knocked-Down) Vehicles, as well as solutions for Motor Bikes and other smaller 2-wheelers.


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3-Car CBU Cassette System Kartainer

3 car CBU system suitable for bigger Sedan’s and SUV’s

JLR 4 car SKD

3 and 4 unit SKD system based on same module as the CBU system

4 Car CBU Cassette System Kartainer

4 car CBU system suitable for mid-size and compact vehicles

2-CAR RACK Kartainer

2 car CBU system suit large SUV’s and commercial vehicles

Bike System Kartainer

Motorcycle cassette system; up to 40 smaller sized 2-wheelers

4-Car CBU Loading

3-Car CBU Loading

SKD Loading

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