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Kar-Tainer offers a solutions which covers all your equipment and quality need from planning stage, till implementation and beyond. Whether you are planning to containerize CBU or SKD vehicles, we follow the same principles throughout from start to end.

Kar-Tainer is a quality first type of organization. Through our scrupulous focus on getting things right in the world of containerization, we have achieved quality standards far outside of the norm in the world of vehicle shipping. We work to ensure that each and every vehicle shipped on Kar-Tainer equipment arrives destination without a scratch, giving you peace of mind in managing your containerized vehicle movements.

​Our experts are at your side throughout all phases of a project supporting step by step as your plan goes from the drawing board to actualization. Read more details on how we support at each stage below: 


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Planning & Design

Our experts device a loading plan according to the size and design of the vehicle you plan to ship, loading plan is confirmed through CAD simulations. This tells us what type of Kar-Tainer systems can be used; 2-car, 3-car or 4-car cassette systems. The next step is to do a physical test loading of the vehicle to ensure the cars can be loaded according to Kar-Tainer quality standards with a minimum of 100 millimeters clearance between car, cassette and container. Having confirmed the loading and transport feasibility we stand by to support our partners in their further planning process, supporting on evaluations of loading and unloading facilities, as well as other crucial components of the overall transport solution.

Equipment Leasing

Once the right system is selected, quality testing is approved, and the total size of the equipment pool is decided, we will sign a lease contract with our partner. Our equipment is charged on a per month, per cassette basis, and billing only starts when equipment is received at place of loading. 
All additional equipment required for safely load vehicles on our cassettes is included, and we cover delivery of all equipment up until the closest port of import. We deliver spare parts which are kept at the place of loading ensuring no down-time occurs if any equipment has to brought in for for maintenance.

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Personnel Training

Before start of any operations we provide thourough training for our partners staff, agents or sub-contractors at both place of loading and place of unloading. Loading and unloading personnel are coursed in how to build up and fold down the systems, how to load cars onto the cassettes and safely secure them, how the loaded cassettes are operated with a forklift and inserted into container, and on how to stack up and secure the empty cassettes for return shipments. We also provide detailed instruction manuals clearly outlining the step by step process of operating our equipment, as well as we share best practices from past projects on how to run efficient loading and unloading operations.

Quality Audits

Throughout the lifetime of any project where our equipment is being used, we do quartlery quality audits to ensure operations are running according to Kar-Tainer standards. We check that the operations personnel are handling the vehicles and cassettes in a propper manner, following the set quality standards to ensure safety of workers, vehicles and equipment.

We also organize regular meetings with our partners management to ensure equipment and processes are delivering on expectations, and to root out any potential upcomming contingencies before they occur.

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