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A New Year - Kar-Tainer's 30th

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

2021 is set to be a special year for Kar-Tainer. This April will mark the 30th year since founder and CEO Richard Cox first incorporated the Kar-Tainer brand in Miama, USA. From humble beginnings, Kar-Tainer has grown to cover all major car manufacturing markets in the world and we are closing in on 1.5 million vehicles shipped on Kar-Tainer equipment.

30th anniversary of Kar-Tainer

Throughout 2021 we will look back at some of the major milestones from the past 30 years to explore how Kar-Tainer as a company made it this far, how our equipment has evolved over the years to offer best-in-class containerization solutions, and to put recognition were recognition is due.

One thing is for sure, without the support of our customers and partners over the years, we would not be where we are today. And as we enter a new year, we want to take the opportunity to voice graditude to those that have supported us across the globe over the years, you have all been a vital part in Kar-Tainer's development, and you are the reason we keep doing what we do.

To you all: Our most sincere Thank You!

As we move forwards into the future, we vow to continue improving our products, our service and ourselves. As the player with the longest track-record in the automotive containerization field, we pledge to uphold our reputation of quality and efficiency, and always make sure that your vehicle is safely loaded and shipped, wherever the container takes it. Follow us on our website and in social media over the year as we take a deeper look into Kar-Tainer's 30-year history.

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