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Kar-Tainer Mentioned in the News

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Containerisation: Why finished vehicle logistics needs to think inside the box

Kar-Tainer was recently mentioned in a industry news article throught the industry magazine and platform Automotive Logistics. The article looked in depth at the world of vehicle containerization as a proposed alternative to conventional RoRo shipping.

Kar-Tainer CEO Richard Cox emphasized automotive SKD shipments as an important driver for the future:

The latest project for Kar-Tainer in Africa, however, is for SKD units from South Africa to Kenya and Rwanda. “It has to go in containers here, particularly in Rwanda, where there is a long inland move and security is an issue. All of those factors together are making this a definite container move,” says Cox.

Vegard Synnes, Marketing Director Asia at Kar-Tainer also added his view on containerised vehicle transports between Europe and China:

As Vegard Synnes at Kar-Tainer, points out, there is also the prospect of at least two rail-gauge changes between Europe and China. Switching volumes between trains is easier and the vehicles are less subject to damage if they are in containers, he points out. There is also less congestion at the container terminals supporting rail in Europe, he adds.
“Here you have the local [Chinese] government backing the route that has been set up which is around the container,” says Synnes. “We definitely see growth and think it is going to continue. Containerisation of cars going between China and Europe is definitely going to be one of the big ones in the next one to two years.”

To read the full article, follow the link below:

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