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Daimler contract begins

Kar-Tainer was granted the contract to ship the C Class exports for the UK in September of this year, with the first live load leaving our packing facility in East London on Thursday 7th November. The initial contract is for a period of 3 years but is expected to go the term of the model. With volumes expected to be in the region of 2,000 per month the contract is likely to replicate the previous contract Kar-Tainer had with Daimler from 2000 to 2006, where Kar-Tainer shipped 116,000 cars from East London to the English port of Bristol. Testing for this contract started back in June 2013, and with Daimler’s stringent quality standards, particularly of loading vehicles externally of the container, Kar-Tainer was the only viable option. All test shipments were an absolute success culminating in the granting of the contract.

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