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Kar-Tainer Carries out 4 Car Test for Daimler

Kar-Tainer, in conjunction with Safmarine, is carrying out a 4 car containerised shipping test for Daimler, using the “C” class Mercedes Benz passenger vehicle manufactured at their plant in East London, South Africa. The vehicles were loaded and shipped out of East London earlier in October and are due to arrive in Bremerhaven, Germany, for unpacking the first week of November.

Kar-Tainer has extensive experience with both Daimler and Safmarine, having completed a contract earlier this decade for the shipment of 118,000 “C” class vehicles from East London to England.  Daimler has joined the long list of manufacturers emphasising the necessity to have containerised vehicles loaded outside the container, to ensure vehicle and personnel safety, something that Kar-Tainer’s patented systems have catered for.

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