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Kar-Tainer completes MG trial

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Kar-Tainer finalized a equipment trial for MG cars being shipped from China to Europe in December. The trial was organized by Anji Global Logistics, a subsidiary of SAIC Motors who manufactures MG cars in China for global exports.

Initial load trials were done in Shanghai for the models MG eHS and MG 5EV to ensure compliance with customer's and Kar-Tainer's quality standards. Having cleared loading quality requirements, a trial was done where 12 vehicles of model MG eHS were shipped in containers from China to the Netherlands. All 12 vehicles arrived at destination without a scratch, to great satisfaction of the customer. Simplicity of loading operations and security of vehicles during transport was lined out as key advantages achieved through the use of the Kar-Tainer equipment.

Having previously provided cassettes for MG vehicles shipped from China to South Africa, we are delighted at the prospect of getting back into business with SAIC Motors and Anji Global for their vehicle export operations.

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