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Kar-Tainer confirms first exterior loading cassette order for India

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Kar-Tainer, in conjunction with its Indian agent, Adani Logistics, has confirmed its first order for its latest 5 car cassette systems. Kar-Tainer developed this system, particularly, for the small locally manufactured cars, which are a big part of the industry in this country. It is based on its exterior loaded 4 car technology, but utilises extra space made available because of the vehicle size. Manufacturers in India have expressed the desire, for personal and vehicle safety, to be able to load vehicles outside the container – something that has become a universal standard within the industry.

This order, with equipment expected in India early December, is likely to be the first of a significant move in this direction, for the Kar-Tainer patented systems. Kar-Tainer equipment, in the form of its smaller portable ramp systems, are already used extensively in this market.

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