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Kar-Tainer to open presence in the U.K.

Due to increased activity in the European and UK marketplace, Kar-Tainer is setting up a permanent presence in the UK. To start this operation CEO, Richard Cox, will move to London in an endeavour to meet this demand. With the emphasis by OEM's for the quality of exterior loading, and Kar-Tainer's ability to handle volume safely, Kar-Tainer provides the only such solution to satisfy these stringent quality standards.

An increased in SKD (semi knocked down) shipments has also been a factor, particularly the on-going contract with JLR, based out of the Liverpool/Birmingham area. Richard envisages setting up the UK operation and after a 2-3 year period have a local permanent presence as Kar-Tainer expands even further in Europe.

This is on top of the Far East office opened in the latter quarter of 2016.

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